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Eric Shasha is an entrepreneur and  philanthropist based out of Irvine, CA. Starting in sales with a well-known cell phone retailer in Brea, California at the age of 17 Eric quickly climbed to the ranks of regional manager of the company’s largest territory. By the age of 19 Eric had over seen the opening of over 20 kiosks in 15 malls across southern California.

After an insolvency in the company Eric Shasha was left with a career decision to make and he decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and enter the insurance world. For seven years Eric Shasha built branched for some of the largest agencies in southern California and eventually landed at the head of the sales division of the largest insurance aggregation entity in the country. Under Eric’s leadership the sales organization grew to show a drastic increase in sales and broker retention.

Realizing his skill set and ability to create effective organizations Eric Shasha decided to set up a sales consulting firm out of Irvine, Ca. After a two year period Eric partners with a local business man to create a working capital lender named Advance My Sales. Realizing that at that point in time that the working capital industry was cramped to say the least, Eric Shasha needed to be innovative.  Lucky, the industry was new and ripe for opportunity.

“There was a gaping hole industry for an aggregation entity to pull everything together for brokers to have one point of contact to ever lender in the industry.” Eric Shasha said in a recent interview. 

From this thought the Factor Exchange was born. Splitting from his original partners and setting out on his own was a natural evolution for Eric Shasha as he has always marched to the beat of a different drummer. Unrestricted by capital (human or otherwise) Eric built the Factor Exchange on his own terms and after three years, countless funding’s, and over 1000 happy brokers the Factor Exchange looks to become the preeminent market place for merchant cash advance and short term working capital for small to medium sized business’s. 

Beyond the office Eric Shasha is an adamant philanthroper and activist. Currently, Eric has put his efforts toward the decimation of cyber bulling and related online abuse after being a victim of a vicious attack by a competitor. 

“I felt completely helpless.” Eric Shasha said in a recent interview. “It is a sad fact that people can anonymously post obvious untruths about you, your loved ones, or your business and there is no reciprocity. This is a violation on the highest level of someones rights and there is currently no legislation to fight this absurd lack of oversight by the powers that be. News papers and the online world need to align in regards liable law.  ”  

Eric Shasha has challenged this system and is shaking up those who would shield bullies (internet or otherwise). If you would like to petition against this please click here.

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Eric Shasha's Background

Eric Shasha's Experience

President & CEO at The Factor Exchange

July 2010

The Factor Exchange has been created to provide brokers and lenders in the merchant cash advance industry with greater exposure to the market as a whole. Through our process we will provide you with expedited approvals and exposure to the biggest lenders on the planet. Whether you are looking to write one piece of business a year or hundreds monthly we are here to provide the best experience possible. Welcome to the revolution!

President at

June 2010 - August 2012

CEO at Proactive Paperless

2009 - 2011

Director of Sales at Superior Access Insurance Services

2007 - 2009

Director of Sales at Wet Products Inc

2005 - 2007

Sales Management at Eastwood Insurance

March 1999 - April 2001

Eric Shasha's Education

Mt. San Antonio College

1997 – 2001


Eric Shasha's Interests & Activities

Charity Business consulting Start up consulting